Universal 22mm OD Bar-End Mirror Adapter (Straight Version)

Code: BEMA-STR-22008-BLK

1 set of Universal 22mm OD Bar-End Mirror Adapter compatible with the 3B Racing Bar-End Mounting Adapters for our Lever Guards (recommended for the ST series) and Handlebar Protectors.

Finally you can safely mount a Bar-end Mirror together with a Lever Guard.





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Introducing the Universal 22mm OD Bar-End Mirror Adapter set. This kit is perfectly compatible with Triple B Racing Bar-End Mounting Adapters, designed specifically for our Lever Guards.

This particular model is a straight variant that substitutes the shorter angle adjustment spacer that comes with our  Lever Guards.

Now, you can confidently attach a Bar-end Mirror alongside a Lever Guard. This 22mm OD adapter incorporates the same Interlocking Fastening System (X-ILM) as our Lever Guards, Handlebar Protectors/Sliders, and Bar-end Adapter Kits.

Are you a biker who alternates between the street and the track? Then you’re going to appreciate this handy 22mm OD Bar-end Mirror adapter. It allows you to quickly remove your bar-end mirror, which remains attached to the adapter, with a simple allen key once you arrive at the track. Afterwards, you can easily reattach your Lever Guard to the handlebar with the same tool. Presto! Your bike is primed for the track!

Forget about obscuring your mirror with tapes or stickers to prepare your bike for the track, and say goodbye to the trouble of scrubbing off the sticky residue left by those tapes or stickers. Ready to leave the track and make your bike street-legal again? Just reverse the process. It takes less than a minute. Then, your bar-end mirror is remounted and your bike is street-ready once more.

Please kindly note that this is the straight version and if you use this bar-end mirror adapter with the RS series Lever Guard you will loose angle adjustment capability of the product. This adapter is recommended for the ST series Lever Guards and Handlebar Protectors/Sliders.

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